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Peter Sawyer

                            Peter Hayes Sawyer: Curriculum Vitae

Born: 25 June 1928 in Oxford, England

University Education
    Commoner, Jesus College, Oxford, 1948-51
    graduated B.A.Honours in  Modern History (Oxon) 1951,
    M.A. (Oxon) 1955
    Research Studentship, Manchester University, 1951-53

University Appointments
    Assistant, Edinburgh University, 1953-56
    Temporary Assistant Lecturer, Leeds University,1956-57
    Lecturer in Medieval History, Birmingham University,1957-64
    Lecturer in Medieval History, Leeds University, 1964-66
    Visiting Professor, University of Minnesota, 1966-67
    Reader in Medieval History, Leeds University, 1967-70
    Professor of Medieval History, Leeds University,1970-82 (early retirement)
    Senior Fellow, Leeds University, 1982 -85
    Docent (unpaid), Göteborg University, 1981-
    Visiting Professor, University of Minnesota, Winter quarter 1984
    Distinguished Visiting Professor of Medieval Studies, University of California,      Berkeley, 1985
    Ford's Lecturer in English History, Oxford University 1993 (see under     "Forthcoming", below)

Other Academic Appointments
    Editor, Worcestershire Historical Society, 1959-64
    Secretary, British Academy/Royal Historical Society Committee on Anglo-Saxon    Charters, 1966-82
    Vice-President, Royal Historical Society, 1980 - 84


Books and edited texts
- The Textus Roffensis, facsimile edition, 2 vols ( Copenhagen, 1957, 1962)
- Evesham A, a Domesday Text, in Worcestershire Historical Society, Miscellany  I (Worcester, 1960), pp. 3-36
- The Age of the Vikings, 1st edn (London, 1962), 2nd edn (1971)
Anglo-Saxon Charters: an annotated list and bibliography (Royal  Historical Society, London, 1968)
- From Roman Britain to Norman England ( London, 1978 ); 2nd edn (1998)
- The Charters of Burton Abbey (British Academy, London, 1978 )
- Kings and Vikings ( London, 1982), Swedish translation, Kungar och vikingar (Stockholm, 1985)
- with Birgit Sawyer, Innan Alingsås blev stad: en västsvensk gränsbygds äldsta historia  (Alingsås, 1985 )
 - Da Danmark blev Danmark fra ca. 700 til ca. 1050  ( vol. 3 of  Danmarks Historien, ed. O. Olsen; Copenhagen 1988 ) 2nd edn (Copenhagen 2002)
- The Making of Sweden (Alingsås 1989)
- När Sverige blev Sverige (Alingsås, 1991)
- with Birgit Sawyer, Medieval Scandinavia (Minneapolis, 1993)
- The Oxford Illustrated . History of the Vikings, ed(Oxford, 1997)
- Anglo-Saxon Lincolnshire (Lincoln 1998)
- with Birgit Sawyer, Die Welt der Wikinger (Berlin 2002)

Wealth in Anglo-Saxon England (OUP 2006)
- The "Original Returns" and Domesday Book, English Historical Review, lxx (1955), pp.177-97
- The Place-names of the Domesday Manuscripts, Bulletin of the John Rylands Library, 38 (1956), pp. 483-506
- The Density of the Danish Settlement in England,  University of Birmingham Historical Journal, vi (1958), pp. 1-17
- The Wealth of England in the Eleventh Century, Transactions of the Royal Historical Society, 5th ser., 15 (1965), pp. 145-64
- The Two Viking Ages of Britain, Mediaeval Scandinavia, 2 (1969), pp. 163-76, 203-7
- The Vikings and the Irish Sea, in The Irish Sea Province in Archaeology and History, ed. D. Moore (Cardiff, 1970), pp. 86-92
- Baldersby, Borup and Bruges: the Rise of Northern Europe, University of Leeds Review,  16 (1973), pp. 75-96
- Charters of the Reform Movement: The Worcester Archive, in Tenth-Century Studies, ed. D.Parsons (London and Chichester, 1975), pp. 84-93
- The Charters of Burton Abbey and the Unification of England, Northern History, x (1975), pp. 28-39
- Anglo-Saxon Settlement: the documentary evidence, in  Anglo-Saxon Settlement and Landscape, ed. T. Rowley ( British Archaeological Reports 6, Oxford, 1974), pp. 108-19
- Introduction: Early Medieval English Settlement, in Medieval Settlement: Continuity and Change, ed. P.H.Sawyer ( London, 1976), pp. 1-7
- Harald Fairhair and the British Isles, in Les Vikings et leurs civilisation,  ed. R. Boyer (Paris, 1976), pp. 105-9
- Kings and Merchants, in  Early Medieval Kingship, ed. P.H.Sawyer and I.N.Wood ( Leeds, 1977), pp. 139-58
 Some Sources for the history of Viking Northumbria, in  Viking Age York and the North,  ed. R.A.Hall ( Council for British Archaeology, Research Report 27, London, 1978 ), pp. 3-7
- Wics, Kings and Vikings, in  The Vikings,  ed. Thorsten Andersson and Karl Inge Sandred (Uppsala, 1978 ), pp. 23-31
- Medieval English Settlement: New interpretations, in English Medieval Settlement, ed. P.H.Sawyer ( London, 1979), pp.1-8
- Conquest and colonization: Scandinavians in the Danelaw and in Normandy, in  Proceedings of the Eighth Viking Congress,  ed. H. Bekker-Nielsen, P. Foote,  and O. Olsen ( Odense, 1981),  pp. 123-31
- The vikings and Ireland, in  Ireland in Early Mediaeval Europe,, ed. D. Whitelock, R. McKitterick and D.Dumville ( Cambridge, 1982 ), pp. 345-61
- Fairs and Markets in Early Medieval England, in  Danish Medieval History: New Currents, ed. N. Skyum-Nielsen and N. Lund ( Copenhagen, 1981 ), pp. 153 -68
- The Causes of the Viking Age, in  The Vikings, ed. R.T.Farrell (London and Chichester, 1982 ), pp. 1-7
- The Viking Perspective, Journal of Baltic Studies,  13 (1982), pp.177-84
 English Archaeology before the Conquest: a historian's view, in  25 Years of Medieval Archaeology, ed. D.A.Hinton (Sheffield, 1983 ), pp. 44-7
- The Royal tun in Anglo-Saxon England, in  Ideal and Reality in Frankish and Anglo-Saxon Society, ed. P. Wormald (Oxford, 1983 ), pp. 273 - 99
Settlement and power among the Svear in the Vendel period, in Vendel Period Studies,  ed. J. P. Lamm and H.-Å. Nordström (Stockholm, 1983), pp. 117 - 22
- The Dark Ages, in The Ages of Britain, ed. P. Crookston ( London, 1983 ), pp. 43 - 54
- Boundary treaties and state formation, in Fra Stamme til Stat, Symposium på Sostrup Kloster 23.-25. maj 1984, (Moesgård,1984), pp. 115 - 24
- Vikingar i öst och väst, in Den dolda historien, ed. Ronny Ambjörnson and David Gaunt (Stockholm, 1984 ), pp. 334 - 44
- Ohthere and Viking Age Trade, in  Two Voyagers at the Court of King Alfred, ed. N. Lund ( York, 1984 ), pp. 43-55; Danish version:  Ottar og Wulfstan: to rejsebeskrivelser fra vikingetiden, N. Lund  et al. (Roskilde, 1985), pp. 45-57
- Birka, the Baltic and Beyond, in Society and trade in the Baltic during the Viking Age, ed. Sven-Olof Lindquist (Acta Visbyensia VII, Visby, 1985), pp. 165 -70
- The Anglo-Norman Village, in Medieval Villages: a review of current work, ed. Della Hooke (Oxford University Committee for Archaeology, 1985 ), pp. 3-6
- Fairs and Markets in England and Scandinavia in the Early Middle Ages, Chronica (Medieval Association of the Pacific  Newsletter ), 37 (1985), pp. 6-12
- Domesday Studies since 1886, (and) 1066 - 1086: A Tenurial Revolution?, in  Domesday Book: a Reassessment,  ed. P. Sawyer (London, 1985 ), pp. 1-4, 71-85
- Early Fairs and Markets in England and Scandinavia, in The Market in History, ed. B.L.Anderson and A.J.H.Latham (London, 1986 ), pp. 59 - 77; reprinted in Anglo-Saxon History: Basic Readings, ed. David A. E. Pelteret (New York & London, 2000), pp. 323-42
- Anglo-Scandinavian trade in the Viking Age and after, in Anglo-Saxon Monetary History, ed. M.A.S.Blackburn (Leicester, 1986), pp. 185 - 99
- The Anglo-Saxon Inheritance, in Anglie Sassoni al di qua e al di là del mare  (Settimane di studio del Centro italiano di studi sull'alto medioevo xxxii; Spoleto, 1986), pp. 863-83
- The Christianisation of Scandinavia, in Beretning fra Femte tværfaglige Vikinge¬symposium, ed. Torben Kisbye and Else Roesdahl (Moesgård), 1986), pp. 23-37
- The process of Scandinavian Christianization in the tenth and eleventh centuries, in The Christianization of Scandinavia, ed. B. Sawyer, P. Sawyer and I. Wood (Alingsås, 1987), pp. 68-87
- (with A.T.Thacker) The Cheshire Domesday in The Victoria History of the County of Chester, vol. 1, ed. B.E.Harris and A.T.Thacker (Oxford, 1987), pp. 293-341
    - Translation of the Text (of the Cheshire Domesday), ibidem, pp. 342-370
- Medieval Technology: sources, causes and effects, Polhem 5 (1987), pp. 141-8
- The Bloodfeud in Fact and Fiction,  Tradition og Historieskriving, ed. Kirsten Hastrup and Preben Meulengracht Sørensen (Acta Jutlandica lxiii:2, Humanistisk serie 61; Århus 1987), pp. 27-38
- Ethelred II, Olaf Tryggvason, and the conversion of Norway, Scandinavian Studies 59 (1987), pp. 299-307
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- The Organization of the Church in Scandinavia after the Missionary Phase, Harvard Ukrainian Studies xii/xiii (1988/1989), pp. 480-87
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- Konger og Kongemagt, Fra Stamme til Stat i Danmark 2:Høvdingesamfund og Kongemagt, ed. Peder Mortensen and Birgit M. Rasmussen (Jysk Arkæologisk Selskabs Skrifter XXII:2, 1991), pp. 277-88
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- review of Lars Gahrn, Sveariket i källor och historieskrivning (1988), in Historisk tidskrift 1991:3, pp. 435-9
- with Birgit Sawyer, Adam and the Eve of Scandinavian History, Perception of the Past in Twelfth-Century Europe, ed. Paul Magdalino (London 1992), pp. 37-51
- The Background of Ynglingasaga, Kongsmenn og krossmenn: Festskrift til Grethe Authén Blom, ed. Steinar Supphellen (Det Kongelige Norske Videnskabers Selskab, Skrifter 1, 1992), pp. 271-5
- The Scandinavian Background, The Battle of Maldon: Fiction and Fact, ed. Janet Cooper (London, 1993), pp. 33-42
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- Engelsk innflytelse på den Norske Rikssamlingen, Kongemøte på Stiklestad, ed. Olav Skevik (Stiklestad, 1999), pp. 97-104
- with Birgit Sawyer, Confrontations between Pagans and Christians: The contemporary evidence. Religion och samhälle i det förkristna Norden, ed. Ulf Drobin, Odense, 1999), pp. 181-94
- Scandinavia in the Viking Age, Vikings: The North Atlantic Saga, ed. William W. Fitzhugh & Elisabeth I. Ward (Washington, DC, 2000), pp. 27-30
- with Birgit Sawyer, The Good People of Scandinavia, Norna u istotsjnika Sud´by: Sbornik statej v-est Eleny Alexsondrovny Mel´nikovaj (Moscow 2002), pp. 370-83
- The Viking Expansion, The Cambridge History of Scandinavia I, ed. Knut Helle (Cambridge, 2003), pp. 105-120
- Scotland, Ireland and Iceland: Norwegian settlers in the ninth century, Vinland revisited, ed. S. M. Lewis-Simpson (St. Johns, Newfoundland, 2003), pp. 29-35
- with Birgit Sawyer, The Making of the Scandinavian Kingdoms, in W. Pohl, ed. Suche nach Ursprüngen: von der Bedeutung des frühen Mittelalters (Wien, 2004), pp. 261-9
 Scandinavians and the English in the Viking Age (H.M. Chadwick memorial lecture 5; Cambridge, 1994)
- The Historical value of single coin finds, Et hus med mange rom. Vennebok til Bjørn Myhre på 60-årsdagen, ed. Ingrid Fuglestvedt et al. (Stavanger, 1999), Bind A, pp. 249-52
- Concluding comments: some problems and comparisons, Town archaeology in the Scandinavian and Baltic Countries. A conference in Ribe, Denmark, May 1992 (hikuin 25/1998), pp. 119-24

(in press)
- Ohthere's destinations: Norway, Denmark, and England, Ohhtere's voyages, ed. J. Bately & A. Englert (Roskildre, 2005)
- Scandinavia in the 11th and 12th centuries, New Cambridge Medieval History 4.2, ed. D. Luscombe &  J. Riley-Smith (Cambridge, 2005)
- English influence on Norwegian royal government, Anglo-Saxons: studies presented to C. R. Hart in honour of his eightieth birthday, ed. A. Smyth & Simon Keynes (Dublin, 2005)

- The Vikings and the Viking Age, The Oxford Dictionary of the Middle Ages, ed. Robert E. Bjork

Articles in the New Dictionary of National Biography
- Swein (Forkbeard)
- Wulfric Spot

Articles in Lexikon des Mittelalters (Artemis; München & Zürich)
vol. 2:
cols. 465-6 Borough
cols. 646-7 Brian FitzCount
cols. 1103-04 Burhgemot and burh-riht
col. 1111 Burton on Trent Abbey
vol. 3:
col. 369 Cumberland (first part )
cols 492-3 Danegeld
cols 494-5 Danelaw
cols 1180-82 Domesday Book
cols 1501-2 Ealdorman
cols. 1503-4 Earl, Earldom I. England
cols 1599-1600 Egbert kg. v. Wessex
cols 1924-34  England: Allgemeine und politische Geschichte, vom 5./6. Jahrhundert bis 1154
cols ? England: Kirchengeschichte vom 5. Jahrhundert bis 1066
vol 4:
cols 13-4 Esgar the Staller
col. 53 Ethelred I
col. 507 Five Boroughs
cols 1200-1202 Geld Rolls
col. 1532 Gododdin
cols. 1929-30 Harald  Godwinson
col 1973 Hauskarl
vol 5:
col. 56 Hlothhere
col. 241 Hwicce
col. 303 Jarl
col. 322 Ida
col. 412 Ine
col. 839 Ivarr

Articles in Hoops Reallexikon der germanischen Altertumskunde
vol. 17:
p. 58 Knuba (Gnuba)
pp. 65-6 Knut (Hördar Knutr)
pp. 384-5 Krönung, Scandinavia
vol. 18:
pp. 464-6 Lindisfarne
vol. 19:
pp. 151-3 Magnus der Gute
vol. 20:
pp. 88-94 (with Birgit Sawyer) Mission in Scandinavia
vol. 22:
pp. 60-2 Óláfr Skötkonungr
p. 391 Ottar

(forthcoming): Svear

Miscellaneous Collections
- Medieval Settlement: continuity and change,  ed. P. Sawyer (London,1976)
- Early Medieval Kingship, ed. P.H.Sawyer and I.N.Wood (Leeds, 1977)
- Names,Words and Graves: Early Medieval Settlement, ed. P.H.Sawyer (Leeds, 1979)
- English Medieval Settlement, ed. P.H.Sawyer (London, 1979)
- Domesday Book: a Reassessment, ed. P. Sawyer (London, 1985)
- The Christianization of Scandinavia: report of a symposium held at Kungälv, Sweden, 4-9 August 1985, ed. B. Sawyer, P. Sawyer and I. Wood (Alingsås, 1987)
- International Medieval Bibliography,  founded by P.H.Sawyer and R.S.Hoyt, 1967 - (Leeds and Minneapolis), in progress

Trondheim 12/3-05

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